Wordpress WriteAgain! – Convert all duplicate content to UNIQUE!  

Looking to build your blog with unique content but just don’t have the time to post regularly?  Then discover the hidden secret that top webmasters are using to get TONS of unique website content with…

WriteAgain!…The Ultimate WordPress Plugin That Converts All Your Duplicate Articles Into UNIQUE Content Giving You Access to An Unlimited Source of Content To Feed The Search Engine Spiders!

Dear Internet Marketer, you already know that content is King.  It is the single most important key to influencing search engine rankings, increasing website visitors and making more money.

But for many getting unique content that is served hot and fresh is not so easy…especially if you are wanting to build more than one website with theme related content.

And even though there’s tens of millions of free articles on the Internet, using that content is almost like eating forbidden fruit since Google and the major search engines look at the content as regurgitated spider food!

It’s a fact, placing too much duplicate content on your website can mean the kiss of death. Search engine spiders love a fresh supply of food and will continue to gobble up new content thus rewarding you with more traffic, greater search engine rankings and increased popularity.

That is why I am pleased to announce WriteWriteAgian! 

This new WordPress plugin does EXACTLY as it implies, meaning it takes duplicate content and CONVERTS it into original content without changing the meaning of the article!

Nowadays, there are many article rewriters available online, which simply rewrite the content using synonymous without keeping the original meaning and the grammar of the sentences intact. This makes the output article totally unreadable to the visitor and most often looks like garbled trash.

Now, with WriteAgain!, you can tap into an unlimited supply of content that is available on the Internet and convert that content into unique content for the your blog and website. Just acitvate the plugin and poof! all your content is rewritten and  unique! 

Never again do you have to worry about getting a duplicate content penalty or having your site de-listed by Google and other major search engines.

By using WriteAgain! you can convert content imported through PLR Articles and turn them into TONS of unique content that Google, Yahoo and MSN loves.

This gives you the power to rapidly populate your website with PLR articles and other auto-generated contents and transforming your site into a money making magnet.

Just imagine the possibilities in front of you.  By using WriteAgain!, you can quickly build a new website, monetize it with your favorite money making programs such as Adsense or affiliate offers, and quickly attract a ton of free targeted visitors! 

While the possibilities are endless, there are two main ways you can make money using WriteAgain!.

Contextual Ad Networks such as Google Adsense, Yahoo Publishing Network (YPN) or Adbrite.   If you understand of how contextual ads work then you realize this is one of the easiest ways to make money online because people visiting your site do not have to purchase anything.   They just click the ads and you earn a share of the money.  Contextual networks pay you for displaying text and banner ads on your website.

The more targeted keyword content you have, the more money you make.  It’s a known fact that some keywords can generate up to $12 and more per click if you target high paying keywords with non-duplicate content.

Two things you should note here:

  • You can easily download 1000's of PLR articles availabe online related to your niche and by getting your own licensed copy of this incredible plugin, you can have WriteAgain! transform your blog into a high paying publishing machine! No other content rewriter makes it so easy to populate your website with a fresh supply of high paying original content than WriteAgain!.
  • Secondly, if you make money with affiliate programs, you need the advantages of WriteAgain! Right now there are THOUSANDS of companies that will royally pay you for driving traffic that converts into a sale or a free trial of their products and services.

However, if you are not a master of pay-per-click advertising, you are left at the mercy of inexperience where you could easily lose your socks and shirt.   Pay-per-click advertising is expensive and requires a huge learning curve to get started.

By using WriteAgain!, you could quickly and easily harness TOTALLY FREE search engine traffic by piling on fresh niche related articles and post and see that content converted into original spider meat right before your eyes. 

Instead of have 5 – 10 pages of content related to your affiliate offers, with WriteAgain!, you can have 100 to 300 or more!

Without exception, WriteAgain! is the single most import tool you can own to turn all your duplicate content into unique articles and drives hoards of search engine visitors.

The actual results from users of our software prove that this system works and performs far superior than any other program on the market.

Don’t just take my word for it. 

It has been tested with some of the pickiest webmasters and SEO specialists on the planet.

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Here are some testimonials:

I received the plugin really quick and installed on one of my Blogs. It works great! Definitely worth the price he is asking as it can save you lots of work with Blog articles. Once activated, it seamlessly rewrites all Blog articles automatically – so very nice work.

Just bought the plugin, activated it on 2 of my blogs having duplicate contents and as claimed by the plugin, it rewrote all my posts. The rewritten posts were not fully grammatically correct but for a software to do even this much is very good. The rewritten posts are somewhat readable but obviously not as good as original. I recommend this plugin to everyone having copied contents and ppl using content generators.Recommended seller!!

I received the review copy pretty quick and I installed the plugin on one of my blogs. It works good! It can saves you a lots of time trying to rewrite your copied blog articles. Once activated, It starts working automatically, surely it worth the price of $50.

Great service.  Very fast action as said.  Recommended to others.  His plugin is very fast if you want to create wordpress blogs very quickly without spending hours in writing time to utilize the PLR articles by using this plugin.

The actual results from users of our software prove that this system works and performs far superior than any other program on the market.

Here, take a look:

  • Converts any content (such as PLR Articles) to unique content!
  • Pass the stringent non-duplicate content Copyscape test!
  • Gives you the power to revert back to the original content whenever you want.
  • Can be set to bypass certain pages or post that you don’t want to be rewritten such as original articles and post.
  • Can be used with any Auto Blogger script or content generator.
  • Works with a simple activation in the WordPress Admin section of your blog.

  • Keeps the original meaning of your content while rewriting.

  • Gives you the power to filter out keywords or phrases you don’t want rewritten.

  • Works with a simple activation in the WordPress Admin section of your blog.

  • Gives you the power to filter out keywords or phrases you don’t want rewritten
  • And many more features being added with each new update!

After getting your licensed copy of the WriteAgain!you can quickly start filling your blog/website with TONS unique content in just minutes instead of days, weeks and months.

WriteAgain! does it all for you with just one activation.

There's no other way online where you can get this much SEO leverage on your time, effort and most importantly, results.

And from a TRAFFIC standpoint, you can't get any more search engine friendly visitors than by having content that is perceived as fresh and new.   This gives you the power to explode your visitor count.


With WriteAgain! you'll be able to…

























Here are the important points:

  • Quickly build more exposure to your contextual ads, landing pages and affiliate offers while generating tons of search engine friendly pages in no time flat!
  • Watch your traffic, search engine rankings and income increase, with less effort and less time.
  • Spend more time creating more money-making sites instead of writing your raw!



Here's a more detailed review:


Wow..wow..wow. Instant Quality Content Within a Second!;

Just a click of activation of the plugin and pass CopyScape. It’s no surprise that what rewrite plugins do and I quite disappoint a lot of rewrite plugins. The reason: Not readable friendly. Now the guy break the rule with WriteAgain!

All my duplicate content from article directory turn into fresh quality content even without losing my SEO keyword and human readable. It’s worth more than the priced at $50. Rating: 9/10 (based on utility to auto blogs).


Jane Smith
Palo Alto, CA



Act NOW! It's just..


Are we telling the truth? You'll never know! But that's not the point!

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By now you are probably asking if WriteAgain! produces content that 100% grammatically correct? 


The rewritten content will make sense but not as much as it would have if was written by a human. Therefore the rewritten content would be at least 60-70% understandable and this alone is enough to give you the content advantage you need to drive tons of unique visitors to your website.

As an alternative, you could pay as much as $5.00 or more per article to a freelance writer but you could easily see how expensive that would be, to have 100 or more articles rewritten!  With WriteAgain! you can have any content rewritten on your website as soon as you activate the plugin!

Want to see a demonstration of actual content processed through WriteAgain!? 

Take a look below:


Original Article:

First of all, you need to know what an affiliate program is and how it works in order to fully understand how you can make some money out of it. Affiliate programs is like a joint venture where you or your website becomes a partner with another website that have already developed a product or service that they are already selling in the Internet. As a partner, your job is to direct the visitors of your website to your partner website and hope that they will purchase the products or services being offered. Your website will be like the company’s marketing arm, among several.

Rewritten Articles:

First of all, we need to know what an associate module is as well as how it functions in sequence to entirely assimilate how we can have a little income out of it. Associate programs is similar to a corner try where we or your website becomes a partner with an additional website which have already grown a product or use which they have been already offering in a Internet. As a partner, your pursuit is to approach the visitors of your website to your partner website as well as goal that they will buy products or services being offered. Your website will be similar to a company’s selling arm, between several.


As you can see, WriteAgain! is the only WordPress plugin that remotely comes as close to content rewriting as a human.

Think of WriteAgain! as your personal team of outsourced writers spitting out fresh for you around the clock without the outsourcing costs.

It really does not get any better than this.

It would be like hiring a team of article and content writers with an assignment to produce content for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  But instead of taking days if not weeks, by WriteAgain! it only takes a few minutes!

Are You Ready To Quickly and Effortlessly Build Your Website With Unique Content That Is Pleasing To The Search Engines and Drive Your Traffic Through The Roof?

This plugin is the single most important content solution to all of your duplicate content problems.  Getting your licensed copy is incredibly easy.

Now you can erase your duplicate content problems with WriteAgain! for the unheard of price of ONLY $50!

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Purchase WriteAgain! today and use it for 60 days.  If at anytime you are not totally satisfied, simply let me know and I issue you a full refund.  All I ask I that you use the plugin and see if it isn’t everything I said it was and more.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and a TON of fresh non-duplicate content to gain!

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